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Hackbuddy is your place on the web to level up with your tech career. Learn best practices from some of the best in the industry for web development, software engineering, video games, application development, project management and design. Meetups are monthly, and everything is online! We are remote first, even though we are based in Los Angeles, and hope to connect with tech industry folk worldwide.

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Kintone x Medium Publishing Workflow
Create a 3D Gallery with React, Three.js, & Kintone Database!
Perfecting the Confusion of Testing w/Emily Thomas
Testing Vue Components with Cypress w/Mark Noonan
Being a developer with ADHD w/Chris Ferdinandi
Create a 3D Gallery with React, Three.js, & Kintone Database
Dive into API queries with Tiles@MapHub and OpenStreetMap with Dustin Willson
Let’s Build a Search Bar with React for a Web Database!
Free OPEN Passes to DeveloperWeek 2022 (Feb 7-9)
Journey to Microsoft – From a Marketing Associate to Software Engineer
Learning To Write Tests
Build Your Own iOS app from Scratch Using SwiftUI w/Ben Stone
TeamHack! Meeting Up Tuesday, October 12th @6.00 pm Pacific
Let’s hook up! (with React) w/Nir Kaufman
Free OPEN Passes to DeveloperWeek Global: Cloud 2021 (September 14-15)
React & REST API: GET & POST to a Web Database! | September 9 @6pm Pacific
React & REST API: GET & POST to a Web Database!
Intro to Blitz.JS, a Fullstack React Framework w/Brandon “Blitz” Bayer
Build Apps in Minutes with Dart + Flutter w/Sylvana Santos
Data Modeling Approach for Fwitter/Twitter or a Clone
Guide To Testing (Part I)
Team Hack! Meeting Up Tuesday July 20th @6.30 pm Pacific
Getting Started with React and TypeScript w/Josh Goldberg
Intro to Crypto w/Travin Keith

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